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About Us:
Solution-Soft is the leader in date and time testing tools as well as data storage and file transfer. Our software solutions facilitate application testing, automated data selection, compression, movement and redirection to optimize high availability, storage scalability, application deployment, and system performance.

Main Project Architect of a tier 1 consultancy describes 10+ years of Time Machine experience testing SAP and Siebel environments; how the use of Time Machine saved time and money.
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Lead Project Manager of a tier 1 consultancy describes Time Machine benefits and their experiences through testing SAP IS-U and CRM environments.
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SolutionSoft hosts Accenture Global Web Seminar "Making Time Machine your standard time simulation testing tool"
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Microsoft Solution Brief: Control time and cut software testing and development costs with Solution-Soft's Time Machine
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Time Machine: The only effective way to perform application date testing, especially for the Active Directory & Kerberos environment. Ensure your large software projects are rolled out on time & under budget.

SafeVelocity: Provides a fast, reliable, secure FTP replacement for transferring large files.  Achieve faster throughput, increased security and ensured delivery of your critical data files.

gdzip & mezip: Are compressors for GDSII and MEBES file formats used by the semiconductor industry. They reduces tape-out cycle time and are widely utilized by leading foundries, mask shops and design houses. 

SafeCapacity: Automated storage management & capacity monitoring solution. It transparently migrates files to optimize storage & realize better performance than standard hierarchical storage management offerings.

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What's New:

Time Machine® is Cloud-Friendly and Cloud-Ready!
Sep 08, 2014
Now available - Time Machine for Ubuntu Linux 12.04
Jul 16, 2014
Solution-Soft announces Time Machine GA release for Red Hat 7
Jun 30, 2014
Time Machine helps to streamline State's Health Insurance Exchange (a.k.a ObamaCare) Project
May 28, 2014
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Solution-Soft announces Time Machine GA release for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1
Apr 30, 2014
Time Machine reduced Zurich test cycle by 3-4 times and reduced testing costs by threefold
Feb 24, 2014
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Solution-Soft releases Time Machine for AIX 7.1 TL3
Jan 17, 2014
How Time Machine Helped Capgemini Implement and Maintain SAP for a UK Utility Company [Question/Answer Transcript]

Click here for audio
Aug 01, 2013
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Solution-Soft Announces Time Machine General Release For zLinux for IBM Mainframe System
May 08, 2013
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Solution-Soft Featured in Accenture's "Testing CoP Newsletter" Feb edition on "How Avanade helped a major UK Bank accomplish testing & stress training using Time Machine"
Apr 28, 2013
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SolutionSoft Systems, Inc. Time Machine Achieves Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle Exalogic Ready, and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster Ready Status
March 7, 2013
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 From our Customers:  

"Time Machine is invaluable for our on-time deployment of the Change Program Management System (CPMS) for our client, The Australian Taxation Office." 
Rahul Joshi, Information Analyst
HP Australia


"As a longtime customer enjoying how Time Machine streamlines and saves costs on our critical testing during multiple project deployments, I'd like to add my thanks for Solution-Soft's support team's prompt response. Your invaluable help was very much appreciated especially since these issues have caused us quite a bit of grief during our Siebel application testing."

Richard Goodwin
Environment Lead - Test Environments,
NAB Technology


"Our client, one of the largest gas trading companies, is very happy with Time Machine. Without it, it would have been extremely cumbersome, resource intensive, & costly to do the same type of SAP application testing & certification."
James Fish, SAP Basis Consultant

HP National Australia Bank Accenture

Partial Customer List:

Aflac        AIG       AT&T       Boeing       FedEx      

Home Depot       HP        Nationwide         Wells Fargo Bank        Deutsche Bank        Total

Hertz       France Telecom       Xilinx       UMC

Solution-Soft's Time Machine product is a proven date simulation tool and ERP testing tool.  It is very popular for software testing, such as regression testing, forward date testing, date and time testing, time zone correction, Kerberos testing, application testing, Active Directory testing, Integration testing, Migration testing, SAP testing, PeopleSoft testing, Siebel testing, Tibco testing, ERP testing, and CRM testing. Solution-Soft's SafeVelocity product is a ftp replacement. It is great for large file transfer, reliable file transfer, secure file transfer. Solution-Soft's SafeCapacity product provide policy based automatic file migration and compression; it is better than the traditional Hierarchical Storage Management tools.